Mulligans help a team score by either giving the group another shot or removing the uncertainty of making a shot. Although mulligans are not considered “honest golf” they add a little fun to the game, level the playing field a bit, and generate a good deal of funds for the cause. This is, after all, a fundraiser.

Mulligans are applied to the entire group in a foursome. If one person buys a mulligan everyone in the group can use it.

Tee in the fairway $5.00 ea.

Simple, the whole group can hit off a tee in the fairway. This is a long course so that is a good option to have available. One time use, but buy as many as you like.

7′ Flag Stick $10.00 ea.

Every flag stick on every course is 7′. If any part of your ball is within that 7′ to the hole you can pick up and add just one stroke. One time use, but buy as many as you like.

The Do Over $10.00

If the the whole group fails to make a good shot, then the whole group can try again. This is a one time deal and can be used for any shot (tee, fairway, sand, putt etc) There is NO LIMIT on how many you can purchase!

Hand Toss $10.00 ea.

If all four shots are not good, all four players can toss the golf ball from where the ball was shot from. The toss counts as a stroke but can be useful to read the green or just get a closer putt. No purchase limit.

The Sample Pack $30.00

Get one of every mulligan offered and save $5.00 No limit on how many you can buy.

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