Family Golf Registration

Use the Forms Below to Register as a Family. Please add the other golfers names.

REGISTERS BY MAY 1 WILL RECIEVE 10 Regular Raffle Tickets and 2 High End Raffle Tickets FREE!

New This Year! Two Ways To Win!

We have found that some folks want to play by the rules. Therefore, this tournament will have two ways to compete, The Traditional way or the Advantage way.

The Traditional Groups will play by all USGA rules. There will be a Traditional First Prize. You can not buy any thing to help your score. Please buy extra raffle tickets though, this is a fundraiser after all.

The Advantage Groups can purchase as many “scoring options” as they like. Options will include Mulligans, Good Within 7′, “Free” Drop etc. There will be an Advantage First Prize as well.

If you prefer to be in the Traditional Group or the Advantage Group, please let us know below.

Use the Forms Below to Register.

If you are playing with any non family members, please provide their name below.

Thank You!!

Family Golf Sign Up Form

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